The Simplest Formula to Predictably Profit from All Your Marketing Efforts






Influential, Relationship-Building Marketing

What I’m about to show you is the scientific, psychological formula that only the very best marketing uses to

  • develop good will and trust
  • build a loyal fan base
  • get raving customers
  • experience viral word of mouth

But before I give it to you,
I need to take you through a quick exercise.

This way the formula can be forever imprinted on your mind, and you’ll never see marketing in the same light again.



Think of a close friend or colleague.

What do they drive?

Now imagine one day, you randomly see that same vehicle as you’re driving or walking down a street.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Is that [friend’s name]?

The vehicle – CAPTURED – your attention.

What do you do next?

You look to see who’s in the driver’s seat, right?

Because you want to see if it’s your friend.

Your friend is CONNECTED to what captured your attention.

What happens when it IS your friend?

  • Wave
  • Honk
  • Call
  • Text

You Naturally Want to COMMUNICATE

Whatever you choose to do to communicate, you’re doing something now to capture their attention.

And when your friend responds?

They CLOSED the Loop

That whole process is effortless, even subconscious.

That's the Marketing Formula

And when companies do it right, they have loyal fans, happy customers,

But here's how 98% of marketing campaigns work

Something Captures Your attention





The Gecko has nothing to do with insurance

Sexy legs are not related to Pepsi

And fros that size can't even fit in a Mercedes

It's like you saw the car on the street, but it wasn't your friend driving.

Your attention was CAPTURED,

but it wasn’t making a relevant CONNECTION.

And so you DISconnect and go back to doing what you were doing before you saw the car.

Or the ad.

Does this make sense?

If you use this basic psychology in the design and execution of your marketing, your brand’s experience will appeal to humanity’s natural behaviour, build good will and trust, and always pull them into wanting the next experience.

If you stray from this formula, your social posts, videos, commercials, ads – will be less effective at converting your target market, forcing you to spend more to acquire a customer.

Two more examples of how bad it is out there.

Land Rover and Nestle

A Land Rover Defender ‘pulling’ the paper (presumably in a magazine)


But really, pulling a piece of paper does not require much power.

Cute, but it will not CONNECT.

A worn-out tennis ball.

At best, a feeble attempt to capture attention. Even for those who are elite tennis players and can play to 70-68 would never seek a KitKat on their break.

People who don’t play tennis won’t be CAPTURED, and those who do… won’t CONNECT!

What's a good example?

You're in a 'Communicate' Segment - Right Now

Look back at what started this page:

The Simplest Formula to Predictably Profit from All Your Marketing Efforts

That headline CAPTURES and CONNECTS

Marketing Your Business

Your attention was CAPTURED, because it’s something very relatable to you.

Predictable Profits

This CONNECTED because it’s something you’re interested in having.

And you wanted more COMMUNICATION.

And here you are, still reading.

And now… here is my close
and it’s not what you think.

Take inventory of your marketing and measure it with The Four Cs Marketing Formula


Headlines, initial text, first 3 seconds of a video
  • With laser-targeting language, be relevant.
  • Identify SYMPTOMS they are familiar with


Say WHY they should pay attention to what's next
  • Relate this to what they experience
  • Point at the COST of doing it the other way


Show them how to get maximum value from your offer
  • Actionable Steps
  • Give solutions that produce desired results


Guide them to the next step, or more information.
  • "Visit Website"
  • "Register for Free Class"
  • "Contact Sales Staff"

Would You Like Me to Craft You a Marketing Blueprint That Automatically Feeds Your Business With Qualified Leads

We will apply the Four Cs Marketing Formula directly into your business, create offers, and build a plan of action for the next 90 days to give your marketing a life of its own.

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